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Let's create the path for you!

Learn how to make video games! 


I help people with a passion for video games and eager to craft their own virtual realms, to structure the path from the initial stages or scattered ideas of game development to becoming proficient heroes capable of mastering various facets of the game creation art. My aim is to provide them with a comprehensive understanding of game mechanics, creation processes, and avenues for potential industry involvement.

Tony Munoz

Wulum Video Games Courses
Last Soul Video Game

Learn to code without programming!

My next course is about teaching you to program video games without using code. You will learn the fundamentals of Unreal Engine using Blueprint, the visual scripting tool of this amazing platform. The subjects I'll cover in the course are:


  • Exploring Unreal Editor

  • Programming with Blueprints

  • Object Oriented Programming

  • Understanding Blueprint Communication

  • Object Interaction with Blueprints

  • Enhancing Player Abilities

  • Creating Screen UI Elements

  • Creating Constraints and Gameplay Objectives

  • Building AI Enemies

  • Game States

  • Publishing

  • Animations

  • Procedural Generation

Get ready to make your virtual dreams a reality. Visit this LINK and click on "Notify me on launch".

Matering Meta Human with Quixel And Unreal Course

Mastering Meta Humans in Unreal Engine

Learn how to create Meta Human combining the power of Quixel and Unreal. Create a character from zero, add it to a rich environment, make your Meta Human a player of this Demo, and package it as part of your portfolio.

A Career Change And Career Development in Video Games

A Career Change And Career Development in Video Games

For those eager to change their career to the Video Game Industry or because you are exploring the possibility of getting your first steps into the industry, this is the course you are looking for.

Learn Pixelart

We developed our first Pixelart course for people wishing to learn the technique and for those wanting to start their career in Video Games using this fantastic artistic style. Learn more about our course NOW!

PixelArt From Beginning to Hero Level Course
PixelArt From Beginning to Hero Level Course

Open a new opportunity

After the time of COVID, many people are exploring the possibility of changing their careers to remote work. The Video Game industry is becoming one of the most important and you can start your career now and get ready to work with small and big studios.

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Wulum Ltd is located in Calgary, Canada

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