Circuland for iPhone/iPad is an educational game story by Wulum Ltd. designed especially for little children to learn words, shapes, numbers, colours and concepts that can be shared and enjoyed by all the family.

In Circuland world, circles of all sizes and colours live happily together, enjoying spinning around the prairies surrounded only by other circles. When a family of squares visit the town both circles and squares have the opportunity to learn a lesson of friendship and inclusion.

Children enjoy a story narrated by a friendly voice which allows them learn words, shapes and numbers while guided through a fun bright coloured story to learn, with animated and interactive characters, relaxing lullaby music and a number of optional fun games to enhance the educational experience.



Key features of Circuland are:
– Children oriented friendly interface
– Brilliant use of colours
– Read along words
– Relaxing background music
– Interactive shaped characters (circles, squares)
– Understand concept of inclusion
– Educational oriented story
– Count numbers from 1 to 3 inside the story’s context
– Click-and-hear words

Optional Circuland´s games to educate by playing:
– Identify different basic shapes (squares, triangles, circles)
– Count numbers up to 10
– Identify primary and secondary colours
– Differentiate de concept of: Up, down left, right

In Circuland every feature contains important concepts intended for the children to lean while playing. This intuitive learning through playing capability is the main purpose of our app.

In Wulum Ltd, we strive to provide tools to make education for children up to 8, a more interactive and fun experience as well as taking social responsibility as one of our key values. Education is one of the most important pilar of our society.