Our games

Our games

Our Games

Although Wulum used the App’s Platform as ground to create games, there are two different types of solutions we offer to our clients: Educational and Entertainment Apps.

The Educational Apps seeks to offer learning while playing the game. We believe in the use of technology as a tool to achieve learning. In Wulum we are truly believers that the best way to learn is by playing and we love to create solutions that we, as parents, want our children to have.

Wulum have two Educational Apps available now (only for the AppStore): “Chopi” (an adventure to discover the first numbers), and “Circuland” (a read along story with interactive content). Both game were conceived for children starting their formal educational. They are perfect for kids on kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade.

The Entertainment Apps are for all user’s ages. This are the kind of game that you use to relax your mind while trying to find the best solution for a challenge. Currently we are working on a new App called “Jumping Home” that will be release soon for iOS and Android.


“Circuland” for iPhone/iPad is an interactive read-along story designed especially for little children to learn words, shapes, numbers, colours and concepts that can be shared and enjoyed with their family.


“Chopi” for iPhone/iPad is a adventure to discover the firsts numbers while children develop their motion abilities using the devices. Chopi is an introduction to the basic mathematic’s concept with creativity and love.


“Jumping Home” for iOS and Android is currently under develop. It’s our first App including 3D Elements created with Unity and Blender. It’s too our first Entertainment App that we know everybody will love to play.


Christmas is coming, and Santa is using Drone Technology to deliver all presents around the world. Of course, they are so many homes that he needs help from you, one of his Elfs. As a diligent Elf you are going to fly your drone around a town and check out for the houses that needs a deliver marked with a Christmas Tree, of course.