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10.000 Gamers for the Prologue in 8 days

We were incredibly scared when decided to release LAST SOUL - Prologue Free Version. It was a test for the concept of our game, but it will also answer the question if what we're doing would be love by the gamers' community.

Our original estimation were reserved. Our goal was to hit 2.000 gamers in one Month. As you know, even if you Pre-Release your game on Steam, you have only one shot in the first month. That period will say if your game is a success or not. So, imagined our surprised when our small Canadian Studio with almost no budget for marketing got 10.000 gamers in less than 8 days. Now we now that not only we started a good game, but also that gamers love it.

It didn't take too much time to see Streamers playing LAST SOUL - Prologue and see them laughing and be challenging by the difficult of the two levels. We discover bugs to fix, but also we received a lot of good suggestions to add for the rest of the development.

They loved the detailed PixelArt, music, mechanics, respond to actions, and the amazing hero character: BOP.

Now we're under the compromise to finish this game and give it to our community. And, at the same time, we're moving with them, listen their suggestions, ideas, and feedback to make of this experience the best you may have on the genre. We'll do it for sure, if you stay at our side.

Join us to our Discord to be part of our conversations, subscribed to our Mail List to get access to Alphas and Betas, and get ready to Wishlist the final version of LAST SOUL on Steam.

Thanks for your support.

Tony Munoz



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