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Refresh the gamer in you!!!

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

I have just a couple of games on my list that are AAA. The rest of my games are Indies. And I'm talking about more than 60 different indie titles. But why is this happening to me and many other small gamers in the world?

If you purchase one AAA game you lost the opportunity to get three or more Indie Games with the highest rate of its genre. The adventure makes you laugh, challenge you, and presents you something that the developers has to create to innovate. Big titles solved every problem with a big investment, but small studios try to find ways to amazed you using the shortest resources possible.

The risk of purchasing a high expected title is only comparable with the usual disappointment of gamers' experience. Small studios don't have the luxury of making their games looking bad or get an awful rating. They need to collect one follower at a time and deliver what this fans expect. They know that if they fail, they won't have a budget to market or to support their wrongs.

Yes, I'm an Indie Developers and I can talk based on my experience. Creating a fan base of our game and your studio takes time. It's the most important investment any indie studio have to do. But it's worth it when you see the fans of your studio enjoying your game.

It's not true that small games won't have big success. There are so many cases that proves wrong. But also, there're tons of good games that are not multi-million dollar products that gamers' community are enjoying. And yes, I'm talking about games that allow small studios to develop their next product and pay their bills.

If you haven't try it before, get away from the box of AAA games. Try a simple indie. Try a 2D game with a good rating. You'll be surprise about how rewarding your small investment will be. And rest asure that you helped a studio to create another great product for you.


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