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Save the dream! Save the game!

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

2,000 was the number of gamers we expected after a month of releasing LAST SOUL - Prologue Demo. How could we imagine that a studio with so many constraints could get a number higher than that? Imagine our surprise when for the Pre-Release we reached 10,000 gamers in 8 days.

We thought any usual gamer will take only 15 minutes to finish the entire Demo. It turns out that some people played our game for more than 2 hours being fascinated by the music, mechanics, controls, character, and art.

We set our bar where we wanted and now people are waiting for the final release of LAST SOUL. They finished the Prologue Demo and they want to play more. So, now we're working on more.

But we can't create this game without your help, that's why we want to invite you to be a participant of the creation in our Discord, but also to help us push the limits of what we can achieve for release day. Wishlist LAST SOUL final version now on Steam, and get to our Mailing List to access Alphas and Betas of the game before its release.

Where we are now?

Our goal is to get to 40 levels to tell the entire story of LAST SOUL. We have many of the mechanics of the game ready, so we're focused on the design of the new PixelArt for the rest of the scene. You can check our progress. Get to our social media to know the progress of our work. And remember that people on our Mailing List will have more privileges to access the newest content and information. So, don't forget to subscribe. It's free.

How to support us?

The best way to support our development is by Wishlist our game on Steam, get to our Mail List, and subscribe to our Discord to give your ideas, feedback, and suggestions to improve your experience.

Thanks for this amazing support. Thanks for supporting our initiative called LAST SOUL, and thanks for becoming part of this creative adventure.


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May 03, 2021

We are so happy for every person playing our game. Please do not hesitate to join our Discord server for special news about upcoming updates and alpha/beta testing of the game.


I found the game incredibly interesting


I'm interested on this game.


Apr 16, 2021



Nice game

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