Saving Christmas – AR

Saving Christmas – AR


Christmas is coming, and Santa is using Drone Technology to deliver all presents around the world. Of course, they are so many homes that he needs help from you, one of his Elfs. As a diligent Elf you are going to fly your drone around a town and check out for the houses that needs a deliver marked with a Christmas Tree, of course.

You must use your camera to search for the floating Christmas Trees over the houses presented in front of you with Augmented Reality (AR). But be aware that you must deliver all the require gifts before time is over… before christmas is over… Good Luck, Elf.

Saving Christmas is an Augmented Reality (AR) App created by Wulum. It’s the perfect game to enjoy in Christmas time, although you will be able to play all around the year.

– Use the camera of your mobile to set the town’s scenario in any place.
– Move around houses, trees, sleights and any 3D element on the virtual town
– Fly you Christmas Drone with a joystick on your device
– User Interface easy to control and learn
– The game will require you to move in order of being effective (don’t let christmas down)

This App requires iOS 11. If you want to play on iPhone you require the iPhone 6S or later models. If you want to play on iPad, you require an iPad Pro or any iPad model from 2017 and on.