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Feel free to contact our video game development studio to ask for any information and the work we're currently doing (including Nintendo Switch Games): 

Calgary - Canada

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  • What is WULUM?
    WULUM Ltd. is an indie video game development studio founded in Calgary - Canada in 2013. The first games and products were related to Mobile Games for the iPhone. But since 2019 the main goal of the company is to create games for PC, Mac, PS, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.
  • What is the current game under development?
    Currently we're working exclusively on the development of "Last Soul". After a successful release of our Prologue Version, with more than 10,000 gamers in less than 8 days, we know we are in the track of something our fans will love.
  • What other games you have published?
    In the mobile industry you can find several of our titles on the Apps Store, including: "Chopi", "Saving Christmas - AR", "Jumping Home", and "Mean Kitty". On Steam we released our first game in 2020 called GALAXIUM.
  • Where can I watch your streams?
    You can watch our streamings on We try to do our best to present and share with our followers the development process of our games.
  • How can I contact you and share my ideas for your games?
    All our social media is open for our fans. The best way to share your ideas is in our Discord. What is amazing about our followers is that they support each other and one small suggestions can transform in an amazin feature for our game.
  • How can I get access to Player-Test of your games?
    To access Player-Test of our games and keep you in the loop of our progress, subscribe to our Mailing List. We won't spam. We usually send communications of our progress once or twice a month.
  • Are you currently working on Mobile Games?
    Not at the moment. But we haven't discard to move our games to mobile in case they are a success in Steam and Consoles.
  • Where are you located?
    We're located in the city of Calgary (Alberta) in Canada.
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