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Tony Munoz - Founder

I’m a Game Designer and Unreal Engine Developer with a solid programming background in Multiple Languages. With more than eleven years of experience in the gaming industry, I possess a unique combination of skills and knowledge that make me an ideal fit for creative teams.

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My Story

I've been a passionate gamer since I have a memory. The first game I fell in love with was Atari's Adventure. I was amazed by the imagination of Warren Robinett (the developer) behind that title. He created a real adventure where I imagine myself going through dangers on my quest for the cup I have to return to the castle.

At the end of the 80s, I created my first simple game using Basic on an Atari 800XL. I was barely a teenager, but I was amazed by my new superpower of making fantasy worlds that others could enjoy.

I graduated in Electronics, a career related to coding. For many years I worked creating and maintaining databases and web pages. But when the iPhone and Steam appeared on the scene, everything changed.

In 2013, after moving to Canada, I rerouted my life to continue my dream of creating video games. With tools like Unity, Unreal, Aseprite, and Blender the only limit is your imagination. 


Today I'm eager to move to new projects, work with new teams, accept new challenges, and bring happiness to everybody. That feeling of watching somebody playing a game where you were part of its development, it's amazing.

But also, after having a great experience of passing my knowledge to new generations of designers, artists, and programmers, I'm also leading the development and creation of new online courses for new students.

I founded Wulum in Calgary, Canada in 2013. I've worked with extremely talented professionals and I wish to continue contributing until the end. For me is not how much money you make -of course, you need to pay the bills- but I wish to work with teams that feel the same level of passion I found when I discovered that I could create wonderful fantasy spaces where people can immerse and forget all their problems.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


Visit my Portfolio on this LINK. All courses I'm creating with wulum can be visited HERE.

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